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Rucksäcke & Taschen

Rucksäcke & Taschen

Unterwegs zuhause sein – mit unseren durchdachten Rucksäcken und praktischen Taschen ist das kein Problem! Unser Rucksack-Sortiment reicht vom robusten Alleskönner, der sich in der Stadt genauso gut macht wie auf dem Wanderweg, bis hin zum spezialisierten Expeditionsrucksack. Unsere Auswahl an Taschen ist genauso vielfältig. Angefangen bei sportlichen Reisetaschen und Trolleys über Kamerataschen, Gürtel- und Hüfttaschen bis hin zu Fahrradtaschen haben wir alles, was Sie zum Unterwegs sein brauchen.

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Artikel 1 bis 90 von insgesamt 105

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Backpacks & bags at eXXpozed

You are ready to start your next outdoor adventure or your next travel, but you are still missing the right backpack or the suitable bag? We have collected useful and relevant information to allow you to find the suitable bag or backpack.

Backpacks – for sporty adventures

Hiking backpacks, bike backpacks, ski touring backpacks – Backpacks are all specially designed for the sport they are meant for. While the trekking backpacks are top loading, it means that you load it from the top and close it with a lid, cycling packs are ovoid and can be zipped off completely. The special feature of a ski touring backpack is the ski straps to attach the skis.

The first criterion to consider for the choice of the right backpack is what you will mostly need it for. Of course, you can use a small hiking backpack for a day ride or inversely a bike backpack for a day hike in the mountains. But you should buy a backpack for the activity you will mostly use it for.

The right backpack size

Once you have made your decision which type of backpack you need, the size is the next relevant criterion. If you usually go for a day hike, a pack volume of 20 to 30 liters will be enough. You will have enough storage space for a hike, a ride or a city trip over the day. If you need more storage capacity for a two-day hike or for several days, then a volume of 30-40 is exactly the right choice for you. If you are starting a hike of several days, for example from lodge to lodge, you will need a volume of 40-60 liters to store all your belongings. If you intend to be self-sufficient and you want to carry tent, sleeping bag, camping stove and food, you will need a volume of 60 liters at least. We are now in the area of the trekking backpacks that offer a volume up to max 100 liters.

If you are biking several days, you still won’t need a larger backpack than 30 liters, otherwise, the weight on the shoulders is to heavy and biking becomes really laborious. Additional weight for longer bike trips should be stored in bike panniers.

Travel backpacks - the ideal compromise between backpack and travel bag

A travel backpack is actually a large travel bag with high-quality carrying system. With its large storage capacity of usually 70 to 90 liters, it can be compared to a trekking backpack, but looks inside more like a travel bag. It means that a travel backpack has a U-shape zip to open the main compartment fully and inside various pockets to organize the storage. That is why it is of course generally wider than a trekking rucksack. In terms of carrying system, it has nothing to envy to the trekking rucksack. The shoulder straps and hip belt are sturdy and padded to also carry high weight comfortably. The travel rucksack is ideal for travelers who do not have to wear their backpack on the back the whole day long, but still attach importance to the wearing comfort.

Bags – be well organized on travel

Our bags are made to travel. No matter whether you are on you way to the office or overseas – You are definitely well equipped with our bags Beside the "big ones" like travel bags, bike bags and trolleys, there are still many "small ones", such as camera bags, document wallet, toiletry bags and panniers which are really useful while traveling and bring order to the chaos.

Travel bags - practical and robust

You are looking for a spacious and sturdy bag for the next trip or for the sport? You are exactly right here with our travel bag. We run sporty designed travel bags of renowned outdoor manufacturers, which not only look good but are also often made of waterproof or water-repellent material and are therefore extremely robust. These bags are meant to be used outdoors, for example, as an equipment bag for climbing or canoeing, or as a sport bag for the gym.

Trolleys - the ideal travel companion

If your next trip is not quite so far away from the civilization, trolleys are the ideal choice. With the smooth-running wheels and telescopic handle, you can pull it effortlessly avoiding carrying bags. Another advantage: most trolleys feature a hard case to keep your clothing from being all wrinkled and crumpled. It is perfect for a city or a business trip. However, trolleys do have one disadvantage: they can only be pulled along effortlessly on level ground. When you are travelling off-roads, we would rather advise to choose backpack.

Panniers, document wallets & co: The little helpers

Gear bags, document wallets and toiletry bags are the perfect travel companions. Panniers bring order to the backpack or travel bag. You can neatly pack clothing or small items and the eternal burrowing deep into the backpack is finally over. It is exactly the same with document wallets: you’ll make sure that your important documents such as airline tickets, cards or passport are kept dry and not kink. For any trip, you will also need a washbag. In our shop, you will find a wide range of them - from extra-large and spacious ones to ultra-light and flat ones, depending on what you need it for.

Bike bags from small to large

For multi-day bike trips and holidays, bike bags are definitely the most important equipment. Carrying larger luggage makes only sense with bike bags to ensure a well-balanced transport, in the case you don’t like to attach a bike trailer. The classic bike bags are the rear panniers. They are attached on both the right and left side of the rear bike rack and can carry several kilograms of luggage. If it happens not be enough, smaller panniers can additionally be attached on both the right and left side of the front bike wheel. Beside the big bike panniers, we also have a wide range of small light bike bags to be mounted on the saddle, the frame or the handlebar to store repair kit, tools or mobile phone.

Bags and backpacks in our outlet shop

Are you looking for hot deals? You will find them in our outlet. From daypacks and toiletry bags to travel bags and expedition backpacks, you will find a big range of bags and backpacks of best-selling outdoor brands. Feel free to browse our outlet shop and find a bargain!

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